From my first breath you were wrapped around my finger
Daddy’s little girl
The memories will forever linger

Popsicle stained lips and an untied shoe sitting at your hip

My savior
Protecting me from the world and the chances you never gave her

Days of burnt food and lopsided pigtails
All the storybooks
Oh, how I loved those fairy tales

So much time shared
Just you and I
Because she never cared

So I was told
When I see her everything unfolds

The days drag by
Waiting for you to change your stubborn mind
I’m standing in line

The unanswered questions fill the cesspool that is my mind
And my heart,
Well, that’s a waste of time

The once love filled words are beaten down by all the hatred that now fills your mouth

You vanished so suddenly
I guess I’m not the little girl you wanted me to be

Your poisoned lips leave blood stains on my hips
So much time shared
Just feels wasted
All these lies clawing at my ears


What happened to those lovely years?

All the tears I’ve tasted and the demon that seems to never leave
You raised it

The sorrow I’m consumed in and the walls I can’t break threw
This all began with you
Where’s the daddy I once knew?
K. H

Born to this beautiful earth
So much beauty
So much worth
How is it we continue to hurt?

Bloody wrists and chapped lips cringe
Broken bones never fully mend
Is there joy in the end?

Lovely faces but behind, ugly lies
Corrupted hearts and bloodshot eyes
Why is there so many weeps with raspy sighs?

So much beauty
So much worth
But still
The bruised child cries
The man infected with cancer says his last goodbyes
And the young single mother prays to God she gets by

Now the last question I’m pondering,
How can something so beautiful cause so much suffering?
K. H