Deep in the cuts is where craving sleeps
The past builds up in the crevices of my palms
These dirty hands search for you
But you’re out of reach
Drowning in the riddles you preach
The light that guides me home seemed to have burned out
With bitter words you “care”
But the lack of proof causes doubt
I scream out
But you’re numb to the sound
I might as well be buried six feet down
{ K. H }

I’ll lend you my eyes
I’ll give you my shattered heart
Crawl into my mind and hear my thoughts

Maybe then you’ll see

I’ll send my pain; box it up and stamp your name
Give you my nostalgic hands
I’ll show the scars where loneliness bled
Let you taste the words that I’ve said

Maybe then you’ll see

I’ll give my lungs a rest
End the misery
Give you the knife
Set me free

Maybe by then you’ll see

K. H

Livable life:

You are the water that I pathetically crave
You are the air that my lungs breathe
You are the light that my skin unintentionally seeks
You are the bones that keep me stable and the beat that makes me able

When the water evaporates
When all the air escapes my lungs
When the light burns out
When the bones turn to dust and the beat goes flat

You will be gone,
And what will I be?
Nothing. K. H

Our little moon:

I’m sorry
I’m sorry for all the truth that I’ve said
And all the marks I’ve left on your neck

I’m sorry that I loose my breathe when your eyes do that
And for not being able to fulfill the promises from where I’m at

I’m sorry for the laughs,
The stolen kisses,
And for wishing on time we never had

I’m sorry that what we have is true
I’m sorry for still holding on to our little moon

I can’t help it
I fell in love with you
I’m sorry
K. H